Anna Pujol Puigvehi, traductora tecnica

Anna Pujol Puigvehí (Figueres, Girona, Spain). Historian, professor and archaeologist.


History and archaeology


Bachelor in Arts from the University of Barcelona (1970), with the thesis “The Indiketes as the literary and archaeological sources”. This study received the III Prize Castell del Joncar from Figueres City Council and the Choral Society Erato for a historical research on "The Ampurdan from the Greek colonization to the Roman conquest. According to the testimony of contemporary Greek and Roman authors" (published in Annals de l’Institut d’Estudis Empordanesos, 1977).

Palmira Salacruch Mallol
El ampurdan desde la colonizacion griega a la conquista romana
Entrevista Bon dia Catalunya
Entrevista Canal Nord Entrevista Montserrat Minobis

Dr. summa cum laude in History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the doctoral thesis on the “Pre-Roman Population of the Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Genesis and development of Iberian culture in the Girona and south of France lands” (1981), published in two volumes, with the same title, by the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC), Madrid and the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1989.

La población prerromana en el extremo norte peninsular Vol. 1 La población prerromana en el extremo norte peninsular Vol. 2

She has taught at the Autonomous University of Barcelona for over 15 years, and has been Associate professor of Archaeology and Ancient History of the UOC (Open University of Catalonia). She has also been a regular professor of the UCE (Universitat Catalana d'Estiu, Catalan Summer University, Prada de Conflent).

Modalités du phenomene d'urbanisation La precolonizacion en el area entre el Tordera y el Herault La poblacion prerromana del extremo nordeste peninsular La poblacion prerromana del extremo nordeste peninsular Memoria Recerca UAB 1987 Los craneos de Ullastret y su posible significado

As archaeologist she has taught several technical International courses, for example in the site of the greek city of Emporion. With international Franco-Spanish teams has excavated at sites of scientific importance as the oriental palace of Cancho Roano, (Zalamea de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain) or the Gallo-Roman town of Bibracte (Mount-Beuvary, Nièvre, France ), and in numerous sites of different periods and typologies of Spain, Catalonia (Ullastret, Ampurias ...) and Europe (Saint-Remy-de-Provence, Bourges, Bordighera, Liguria ...).

Jornades d'historia de l'emporda LES RELATIONS ARCHÉOLOGIQUES FRANCO-ESPAGNOLES AVANT 1914 El comercio en Emporion L'arqueolgia a Catalunya avui Els ibers, vida i cultura La cultura de los iberos


The experience of the teaching of the archaeology has driven her to organize and to be the speaker of the I and the II Conference on Archaeology and Education, held in Catalonia in 1994 and 1996 at the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia.

Jornades d'arqueologia i pedagogia Jornades d'arqueologia i pedagogia I Jornades d'arqueologia i pedagogia II

He has also worked in the Computer Education Program (PIE) of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the result of which is the computerized document, in English and Catalan languages, on "The Iberians of Catalonia" which is available free on the website of this Department.

Els ibers de Catalunya

She is scientific advisor of the Association Amics dels Museus de Catalunya (1974), scientific collaborator of the Spanish Historical Index from 1973 and She is part of several associations: former member of the Institute of Archaeology and Prehistory of the University of Barcelona and member of the Institute of Catalan Studies and patronages such as Santa Maria de Vilabertran.

Professora UAB
Arqueologia e informatica
El territori de Llançà a l'antiguitat
El paleopaisaje al norte del Cabo de Creus
La torre carolingia de guaita del castellar de Llança
Amics dels museus


She has taught numerous graduate courses at several universities and institutions abroad and in Spain. She has published numerous studies on the earliest moments of the history of Catalonia, both specialized and for a wide reading public in Rewiews like: Ampurias, Extremeños Studies Journal, Annals of the Institute of Empordan Studies, Pyrenae, History and Life, History 16, World Routes the National Geographic Society, Archaeology Magazine or Scientific American.

Guia de formacion escolar

As a Professor of Geography and History in Secondary Education Institutes, She collaborated on the design and redaction of encyclopedias devoted to intermediate level teaching.

Her job as a researcher and writer takes in three interrelated fields: the Proto-history of Catalonia and Europe, the roots of the gastronomy of Catalonia, including the drink (“The introduction and commerce of wine in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula in ancient times”), and the translation of books and studies related to these themes and to the art history, such as the books used by the School of Architecture of Barcelona, “History of architectural typologies” (Pevsner, Nikolaus, original English) or “History of Modern Architecture” (Benevolo, Leonardo, original Italian). So, She is linked to the publishing world as a technical translator into the Spanish and Catalan languages of Italian, English and French books of History, Art History and Gastronomy subjects. Grade of English language from the Modern Languages School from the University of Barcelona


Historia de las tipologias arqutectonicas
Historia de la arquitectura moderna
Guia del museu de Tauteull
Guia del museo de Tautavel
Granjas, aldeas y ciudades
El mueble de estilo


Gastronomy History

The request that the Second Catalan Congress of Cuisine made to her in the earlies 90s to develop a Speech on "The origins of Catalan cuisine. Since its origins to the end of the antiquity" theme on which there was no work of synthesis drawn, led her, after the end of the Congress in 1994, to continue this line of research on the history of food in Catalonia.

Congres catala de la cuina
Arrels clàssiques de la cuina de la Catalunya vella
Miscel·lania arqueologica
L'alimentació mediterrània
La alimentacion mediterranea
La sal
La laimentacion en el Paleolitico
La introducción y comercialización del vino en el nordeste de la Península Ibérica
La introducción y comercialización del vino en el nordeste de la Península Ibérica
L'alimentacio en temps prehistoric
Els origens i laprimera comercialitzacio del vi
Historia de l'alimentacio a la mediterrania
Cruilles historiques de l'alimentacio
Arrels historiques i literaries de la cultura del gust
La gastronomia catalana
Universitat catalana d'estiu


Cultural travels


Cultural travels are a wonderful way to learn. Anna Pujol Puigvehí has travelled since she was a universitary student across all continents, but more often, as one would expect for their vocation and profession of archaeologist and historian, across Europe and the Mediterranean, of which She knows all countries and islands. The result of this passion and knowledge, in addition to her archaeological excavations in countries like France and Italy, are some specialized courses for different European organizations and institutions, the organization of trips and the publication of articles to spread the beauty and richness of cultural heritage of the land surrounding the Mare Nostrum.

Sicilia, un museu a l'aire lliure
Xipre, l'illa on va nèixer Afrodita
Alexandria, una ciutat grega a Egipte
Amenophis III o l'esplendor de l'Egipte faraònic
Nubia, el pais cobdiciat per l'Egispte dels faraons
Mari, la capital de l'Eufrates
Exposició: Àsia, ruta de les estepes
Illes de la mar blava


Daily press

Los oscuros origenes de la ciudad de los canales
Huellas de la cultura siria
Pompeya y Tarragona en chip

Anna Pujol Puigvehí has always worked on the diffusion of the latest advances related to ancient history and archaeology through the main daily newspapers.


Complete works


The information about Anna Pujol Puigvehi works and studies exposed up to this point does not exhaustively represent all her production, so that, we believe appropriate to add important virtual library catalogs for a more complete view of her curriculum.

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